Benefits for Parents

The Abacus Mental Arithmetic trains students in a very unique way in developing their intellectual. It is able to improve the calculation ability of a student in a very short period and enhances the interest, feeling, motive, personality and determination of the student.

  • No stress to the parents.
  • Children will be able to compete internationally and will win accolades not only in mental computation but academically because the love and the ability to learn are being nurtured in the early years.
  • Early inputs help in making the child self sufficient and responsible.
  • U C MAS is for  any  normal child, helping you discover the potential within.
  • The same syllabus is followed all over the world and transfer of student is possible from one center to another.
  • Once the speed and mental skills are achieved the children can take part in competitions world wide.
  • Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method will effectively activate your children’s latent mental power.
  • This programme helps children in their whole brain development and acquiring lifetime skills.
  • This programme is not parallel to school curriculum – meaning – subjects taught at the educational institutions are not taught at U C MAS centres.
  • Spaced learning is advocated for enhanced memory and longer retention
  • The acquired skills help children to be proficient in all subjects and the proficiency in Arithmetic boosts the morale of the children.
  • The learning is fun filled hence natural interest is generated therefore before children volunteer themselves to this programme.
  • The hidden potential of the ‘brain power’ is discovered by the children themselves.
  • During the tenure with U C MAS programme, children’s “imaging skill” progressively gets enhanced resulting in effectiveness and improved self-confidence.
  • The learning is visible and highly transparent.

Why Mental Arithmetic is a must for your Child.

According to the analysis on the development on nervous tissues, the development and growth of the nervous tissues will begin since 4 to 6 years old with a quickest speed, the progression will slow down after 14 years old when growth reach to 75%. The greatest growth of human brain are during 4 to 14 years old where during this period, the frequency of brain wave increase gradually from Theta (relaxing stage) to Alpha level (relax but conscious) . Children in Alpha level have plentiful imagination and quicker learning ability. As they grow older into their juvenile age (the Beta level, the sober period), thought will become more complicated and rational, and mainly think with left-brain.Therefore, as a parent for your child, in order to explore and enhance the child’s intelligence, the best learning time for your child is the age before 15. In order to create the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left-brain must be trained at the same time. The creativity will at its greatest only when both brains communicate and co-operate with each other. The creativity function from right brain need to be boosted by the information stored in left brain, Whereas the mathematical and physical abilities has to work together with the space perception from the right brain in order to become an excellent scientist, engineer, literate, designer and business man as well.

The creation progression of a person faced difficulties or could be failed if lack of co-operation is in both brains. Every creation progress need numerous collaborate between these two brains. This explained the reason why those used both their left & right will be successful like Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare or other computer genius.

The finding from experiments is, the systematic training of upper brain is able to change the operation of the lower brain, inclusive of health, achievement in sports, energy and spiritual, motive and stamina.


  • It will increase speed and accuracy and will boost up the memory power.
  • It will help to increase the learning ability, writing skills, endurance, logic and discovery.
  • It will promote the concentration as well as comprehension and will help to build the imagination and it will increase academic performance of the child.
  • U C MAS trains children to face competition from early years and children’s learning capabilities will be increased.
  • It is used to improve the vision, self-reliance power and learning time will get reduced.
  • U C MAS will sharpen the child’s hearing power and gives a child self-confidence to compete in international competitions.
  • U C MAS will reduce carelessness of the child and provide less stress for the child.
  • They are more superior to other students in rapid calculation’s skills, they develop better observation capabilities.

The whole brain (particularly right brain)  development program of U C MAS – Maldives has resulted in boosting up memory levels of children, increased their speed and accuracy levels in arithmetical calculations, enhanced intelligence quotient (IQ) and has sharpend concentration and comprehension skills. Because of these skills, photographic memory – an important lifetime skill – is developed. Our step-by-step teaching methodology, guidance and focus is on listening and observation skills of students, as well. This enables an average child to comprehend and absorb quickly . Our unique approach has  also increased their learning abilities at school – writing skills, logical thinking, plotting locations on a map – all of which significantly contribute towards and all-round academic proficiency. Our training approach has resulted in reducing carelessness too, which is quite common among many children. From very early stages, U C MAS’ meritorious children are sponsored by the corporate office , to participate in various national and international competitions. This gives them self-confidence to compete in major competitions, as they grow older.